2012 - "Twelfth Night"

TwelfthNight9958"Twelfth Night" is a play with extraordinary light and shade, full of comedy and music, but turning to pathos, even tragedy, on the turn of a sixpence.

Set in 1600, the lovestruck Orsino, the beautiful countess Olivia who cannot love him back, and the self-centred, self-delusional Malvolio, cruelly exposed by the japes of Sir Toby Belch and his drunken friends, all live in an artificially-heightened self-indulgent emotional state.

As genders cross and confusions abound, it is the shipwrecked stranger, Viola, who leads them towards self-awareness and, for some, true love.

Above all, as Feste the jester sings at the very end of the play -

TwelfthNight9872'We'll strive to please you every day'

Although, in the soggy summer of 2012, our stage threatened to turn into a swamp, Gill Morrell's production of Twelfth Night enchanted audiences, making the very most of both the humour and the pathos of this multi-faceted play. Whatever the weather, the visual spectacle that is Shakespeare Live's trademark remained undampened. 

During the rehearsal process we even made a trailer which you can watch by clicking here.

Photos and Video Courtesy of Owen Benson Visuals.