The Tempest 2016

They had a captivated audience roaring with laughter and for a few hours they made Shakespeare come alive… (Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

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With an atmospheric Greek island setting and not one but a whole flight of Ariels, Gill Morrell’s production of The Tempest truly was a storming success.

We love to hear good feedback from our audiences and this year’s cast – a vibrant mix of young and old, familiar faces and newcomers – was showered with praise. Making the very most of the drama and the comedy, the romance and the mystery of this complex play, the performance – as always with Shakespeare Live – was lifted to another level with stunning special effects. Music and costumes, lighting and sound that would grace a professional stage all combined with fine acting performances to make this a memorable experience.

Even the challenge of a Prospero who was taken ill and unable to perform on the opening night was something the company took in its stride, covering seamlessly and ensuring the show went on undiminished.


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2016 Tribute Performance - "Shakespeare Shorts"

Shakespeare Shorts

Our tribute to the genius of Shakespeare hit the streets of Corsham and Lacock on April 23rd, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeares death. It was a glorious kaleidoscope of your favourite bits of Shakespeare. We performed a marathon six performances with scenes from Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet.

The show was very well received by the public and some lovely comments were made. We also had beautiful weather for the day, which made it a really wonderful event.

If you missed the performances or you want to watch the highlights again, you can watch snippets on our Youtube Channel - Shakespeare Live Theatre Company, just click on the Shakespeare Shorts 2016 video to watch.

Also please subscribe to our channel if you wish to see more videos from rehearsals and events. 

2015 Dell Show - "Seven Ages, or What you Will"

AngiersShakespeare Live were delighted to have been chosen by the RSC for a fourth year to perform at The Dell in Stratford on Avon!

Using extracts from nearly 30 of Shakespeare's plays, both serious and funny, Seven Ages - or what you Will was an original, entertaining and thought-provoking play, conceived, written and directed by Gill Morrell. It shows  the inebriated ne'er do well Christopher Sly from The Taming of the Shrew encountering the mysterious Will, who takes him on a journey through the seven ages of man, and asks him to choose between his present self-indulgent behaviour and a future of virtuous chastity and honesty.

2015 - "The Taming of the Shrew"

ServantsShakespeare Live's 27th Year saw the performance of The Taming of the Shrew.

Angry KateAlthough the rehearsal period may have been dogged by rain and wind, up to and including our dress rehearsal day, the performance week was fantastic, the sun came out and our production of The Taming of the Shrew was anything but soggy!

“Fast paced and bursting with energy” said the Bath Chronicle’s review and the enthusiastic and vocal response from our audiences suggests that they would agree, as do the many complimentary emails and messages we have received since.

2014 Dell Show - "The Rain It Raineth"

The Rain RSCs

In August 2014 Shakespeare Live returned for the third year running to The Dell, the RSC's open air space in Stratford's Avonbank Gardens. This entertaining kaleidoscope of a show took us on a stroll with Shakespeare through the four seasons and the joys of the English weather. With a medley of songs, sonnets and extracts from the plays we carried our enthusiastic audiences through teeming autumn, the unkindness of the winter wind and the hey nonino of springtime, to finish in a riot of midsummer madness!

"...and we'll strive to please you every day!"

2014 - "Macbeth"

Macbeth-4493s"Is this a dagger which I see before me...?"

"Who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?"

"Life's but a walking shadow, ... It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"

All was certainly set fair for Shakespeare Live's 26th annual show - Macbeth - in our fourth summer in the splendid setting of Lackham House. A positively sun-kissed rehearsal period set us up for a week of warm and moonlit evenings and allowed our audiences to enjoy this striking and innovative production to the full.

2013 Dell Show - "A Royal Murder"


A King lies brutally murdered in his sleep! Suspects abound - all with motive, opportunity and means enough to have done the bloody deed. Who wielded the fatal knife? How many more killings must follow? Who are these weird and sinister women, and do they know more than they are telling?

Shakespeare Live's second visit to the RSC's open air space, The Dell, re-imagined Macbeth as a whodunnit. Following a day of performances in Stratford on Avon on 10th August 2013 to large and appreciative audiences, this show was presented at the Pound Arts Centre in Corsham in November and in a packed Village Hall at Marshfield on Burns Night in January 2014, accompanied by those Scottish essentials, whisky, haggis and the poetry of Robbie Burns.


2013 - "The Comedy of Errors"

Comedy of Errors-0966sFor summer 2013 the sun shone, the rain (mostly) held off and delighted audiences chuckled, chortled and guffawed their way through our week of performances of The Comedy of Errors.

The company rounded off another stunning show with a glorious Gala Night: a balmy evening, picnics on the lawns amid musicians, belly dancers and promenading young actors, and a captivating and hilarious performance of Shakespeare's funniest play - this was the authentic Shakespeare Live experience at its best!

2012 Dell Show - "Shakespeare On Love"

Shakespeare on Love flyer

Shakespeare On Love represented Shakespeare Live's first outing on the RSC's open-air stage at The Dell in summer 2012. It served to launch a tradition of highly original, home-grown, Shakespeare-themed shows devised first for a summer presentation at Stratford and then performed again in local venues closer to home.

Through a medley of Shakespearean scenes and sonnets, Shakespeare On Love explores some of the many moods of love as represented in the work of the Bard, from the comic and the absurd to the dark and the tragic. This captivating show has been performed to great acclaim at the Royal Shakespeare Company’s open-air space, The Dell, as street theatre in Bradford On Avon, at the Pound Arts Centre in Corsham and most recently to a packed audience in the village of Marshfield.

2012 - "Twelfth Night"

TwelfthNight9958"Twelfth Night" is a play with extraordinary light and shade, full of comedy and music, but turning to pathos, even tragedy, on the turn of a sixpence.

Set in 1600, the lovestruck Orsino, the beautiful countess Olivia who cannot love him back, and the self-centred, self-delusional Malvolio, cruelly exposed by the japes of Sir Toby Belch and his drunken friends, all live in an artificially-heightened self-indulgent emotional state.

As genders cross and confusions abound, it is the shipwrecked stranger, Viola, who leads them towards self-awareness and, for some, true love.