AGM Agenda 2016


To be held on Saturday 9th December 2017

at Cleeve House, Trowbridge Rd, Seend 12.00 noon - 3pm



AGM Minutes 3rd December 2016

1. Present: Rod Moor-Bardell; Rod Miflin; David Morrell; Gill Morrell; Lauren Davis; Elliott Davis; Pat Cannings; Adrian Philpott; Gaye Philpott; Michael Taylor; Sue Sedgwick; Graham Paton; Jeremy Reece; Laurence Parnell; Colin Jackson; Jake Lennox; Faye Matthewman; Paul Batson

Apologies received from: Mike Harley; Sylvia Clegg; Penny Clegg; Christine Partington; Bob Partington; Dot Barker

2. Minutes of the last AGM: The minutes of the last AGM were accepted (proposed by Graham Paton, seconded by Jeremy Reece)

Board of Trustees

Standing for re-election at AGM 2017


Rod Moor-Bardell - Chairman

Amanda Costain - Secretary

David Morrell - Treasurer


Lauren Davis

Elliott Davis

Penny Clegg

Gill Morrell

Graham Paton

Faye Matthewman

Chairman's Report 2017


I would like to welcome everyone to the Christmas Party and AGM 2017. I have now been Chair of the company for six years and can only say what a privilege and an honour it has been during those years. Many things have been consistent throughout those six years – the dedication, commitment and professionalism of the company; the friendliness of the members, old and new and newer still; the quality of the shows; the fantastic production values; but perhaps most of all the constant change.


In the last six years, Shakespeare Live has needed to adapt, realign, reassess and move – hopefully forward - in every year. So in the last six years we have had to find financial control; become a charity; adopt a second annual production; manage our assets – costume and set (properties are next on the list!); adopt social media; re-design our website; find a new audience (remember the first year at Lackham with very disappointing sales?) and find new members.


Finance Report 2017



Overall, this has been an excellent year, both in the number of seats we sold and the net profit that we made.
Our total bank balance increased by £8,517, and so we are recommending charitable donations (over and above the sum we paid to Six-Ex) of £2,500.
Our profits were enhanced by the seven performances we gave of "Bottom's Dream", two at the RSC's Dell stage, and five at local theatres. This made a net profit of £1,881
We rent our stand from Arena. It has a capacity of 366 seats. However, there were isues about the rake of the seats and some sight-lines which we will fully address for our future productions.
As a registered charity we find it easier to attract charitable donations (although our financial health will make make it less easy to attract donations compared to the last few years). We will continue to claim HMR&C gift-aid rebate for members' donations.